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Currently there is a lot of public interest in using the wind to power home and farm generators. The Northeast Nebraska PPD has prepared the following documents to help customers decide if investing in wind power is feasible.


The documents below are the most current versions revised to comply with all Federal Regulations. It is the intent of the NeNPPD to comply with all applicable regulations governing the interconnection of wind generators and the payment for any energy produced.


Connecting a commercial generator to a high voltage electric system is not always an easy job. A wind generator doesn't have to be connected to the electric company, but if it is to be connected, there are requirements to ensure the safety of our linemen and to properly meter and pay for any energy that goes out onto the electric wires.


The Northeast Nebraska PPD doesn't make any electricity, so we are not in competition with any potential wind generator. Fairness to all rate payers requires that we pay no more or no less for electricity from wind power than is available through our regular wholesale energy provider, the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD). The amount NeNPPD will pay is detailed in the following Rate Schedule AC1.


The staff at the Northeast Nebraska PPD are not experts on wind generators and can not comment on the viability of any installation. We have retained outside experts to help us with these documents and in setting the application process. Our intentions are to allow potential investors in wind generators to have the information needed to make a decision based in facts.