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Northeast Nebraska Public Power District

Regular Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday October 24, 2017

7:30 pm – Board Room

NeNPPD General Office

1410 West Seventh Street

Wayne, NE


The Board will assemble at 6:00 pm prior to the regular meeting for the sole purpose of discussing with Recruiters their assistance in the process of selecting and hiring a General Manager in 2018.  These discussions will be in closed session and no other business will be conducted.


1.       Call to Order and Roll Call

2.       Review and approve minutes of the September 26, 2017 regular Board meeting

3.       Review and approve minutes of the October 20, Employee Safety Meeting

4.       Public Comment Period

5.       Approve Expense Reports for September 2017

6.       Approve Financial Statements for September 2017

7.       Old business

a.       None

8.       New Business

a.       Approve 2018 Budget

b.       Approve agreement reassigning WAPA power and energy from NPPD to Northeast

c.       Approve Wholesale Power Contract with the Western Area Power Administration of the US Government

9.       Management Reports

a.       Discuss assignment of WAPA power by customer class

b.       Discuss future capacity requirements and load management

10.   Board member reports

a.       Periodic assessment of General Counsel Services

b.       Discuss potential Board member replacements

11.   Adjournment


The next regular meeting of the Northeast Nebraska PPD Board of Directors is scheduled for 1:00 pm Tuesday,

November 28, 2017


Northeast Board Meetings are conducted in accordance with the State of Nebraska’s Open Meetings Act.  A copy of the entire legislation is available for public inspection in the meeting room.